Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Tale Of Cocktails #26

Midori Sour 


1 oz genadine syrup
3 oz Midori
2 oz lemon juice

Taste: 9
Look: 8
Cost: 6
Name: 4
Prep: 6
Alcohol: 3
Overall: 6.8

Preparation:  Pour the Grenadine into a sugar-rimmed collins glass.  Layer on the Midori, and then the lemon juice on top of that.

General Comments: Remember when you were a kid, and eating Skittles one at a time just wasn't excitin' enough, and you stuffed every different flavour into your mouth at the same time and began clumsily masticating your way though a giant grainy ball of tangled flavours?  This is like that, only with added sugar, because God knows, that's what Skittles needed.

Also, there's alcohol.  Delicious!  On the other  hand, that's not much of an inventive name, and it's a pain to prepare (I've really not got the hang of this layering business).  It's a bit expensive too, though if you're OK with that, it's worth it in the end.

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