Wednesday, 18 April 2012

In Which Walker Counts Off Each Numbered Day By Shitting On A Different Group At Midnight

My thanks to Jamie (angry as it's made me) for reminding me of the latest horrors perpetrated by Scott Walker, current governor of Wisconsin and a man desperate to relegate Senator Joe McCarthy to second place in history's list of biggest douchebadgers.  My thanks for the link as well, which probably does better at expressing my outrage over the situation than I'd be able to manage myself (quick version: Walker just repealed the state's equal pay for women law).

Just a couple of additional thoughts.  First, Proxima Thule is quite right when she says this:
[S]top thinking you’re special and it can never happen in your country. That is how America got like this in the first place. By thinking we were special, specially liberated and enlightened and awesome and only those other lamer countries had problems. That arrogance allows us to continue to let everything circle the drain, because we’re the best and OBVIOUSLY we’re not really sexist and stuff, it’ll get fixed, don’t worry. Our system can’t have been redesigned to let a few people destroy our economy–we have the best economy! USA! Everything’s fine! GROWTH 4EVAH.
I hate that shit. I know you hate that shit. So stop telling me Americans are so weird and where you live this could never happen. It could. If you’re not vigilant, like we haven’t been, it will. 
Or, to paraphrase Strong Guy (nothing like a comics reference in the middle of political tack-spitting): the only reason things like this ever happen is because everyone's too busy saying it never can happen to stop it when it does.

Walker, for those who don't know, is the spineless gimpjelly who broke his campaign promises so badly that it was stunning even by political standards, and is now having to fight for his seat in a recall election.   Most of his time is now spent raising money from out-of-state conservatives, because he knows he can't successfully hold on to control of Wisconsin if only Wisconsinites are involved.

Basically, this man has locked himself into full-on re-election mode.  Nothing he does isn't focused on the fact he's going to have to publicly re-apply for his job having broken the only promise that let him get it in the first place.  Given all that, what exactly is his rationale in striking this law down?  Is it because he thinks revoking a woman's right to receive equal pay is going to win him votes?  Even I don't think that little of Republicans, and I've turned calling them fuckwits into both a hobby and a metaphorical stress-ball over the last four years.  Or is it another one in his increasingly long line of "Fuck yous" to the Democratic voters who had the nerve to point out that he couldn't be more full of shit if you screwed his skull to a sewer-pipe?

Maybe a clue can be found in the fact that he repealed the law in the dead of night, when no-one was watching.  I hope there was a thunderstorm, at least.  As bargain-basement as this endless stream of Republican super-villains seems to be, there should at least be some concessions to evil chic...

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