Friday, 9 November 2012

Mockery And Milestones: US Election Edition

Of all the insane right-wing reactions to Obama's re-election, this one is my favourite, even though it was posted two days before Romney's defeat.  There's just something wonderful in watching a mind so utterly unhinged. Charles Pierce talked a lot about this in Idiot America; the American crank is a marvellous thing, at least right up until they're given a microphone and told to sell ad space.

I particularly love the phrase "dictatorial full monty", which I'm sure Ringer intended to be weighed down with dread import, but just makes me think of Robert Carlyle stripping out of a Nazi uniform. [1]

While we're on the subject of the election, I wanted to mention four milestones that have come out of the down-ticket races:
  • The first ever openly gay senator was elected in Wisconsin.  She is, obviously, a Democrat.
  • The first ever Buddhist senator was elected in Hawaii.  She is, obviously, a Democrat.
  • The first ever all-female Congressional delegation was assembled in New Hampshire. Three of the four are Democrats.
  • The first ever Congressional caucus in which white men are not the majority was assembled nationwide.  They are, obviously, the Democrats.
And if all that wasn't enough, gay marriage got itself good and legalised in two more states: Maine and Maryland.  Both, obviously, voted for the Democrat.

Good news all around, then. I look forward to four more years of Glenn Greenwald telling sociopaths like me that there's no real difference between the two major parties.

[1] Not, I confess, for the first time.

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