Monday, 12 November 2012

The Encroaching Darkness

Just so you know, things are liable to be quieter than usual around here for a little while. Once I've finished writing this post, I'm going to be packing up what little remains of my things and headed off to pastures new. Critically, these pastures do not yet have anything so advanced as a phone connection, due to some obscure BT problem that doubtless they will fix with their typical efficiency.  If I get to use my landline to wish people a happy Easter, I will be more than a little surprised.

I hate moving, but there are marked advantages to the new place: I'm having a girlfriend delivered and installed in a fortnight's time (must remember to stay in to sign for her), and there's no evidence of yawning holes in any of the ceilings.  And yes, the chasm above my bath is still there; someone came round last week who I thought intended to fix it, but turns out he'd just been asked to work out how best to rip out the en-suite shower. Clearly that's a priority when the bath is filled with rubble.

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