Thursday, 8 August 2013

People Who Take Pictures of Food

It's been very quiet round here, I know.  That's mainly due to the four days I took to play through Diablo 3 with various vidheads, but it'll be going on for a little while longer whilst I visit my mother (who just turned sixty-one) and occasional commenter Chris.

In the meantime, here is a picture of a battenberg cake I made for my mother.  I did a test run last week that actually turned out a bit tastier than this one,butthis is the one  I'll be giving to Parental Unit Beta because a) it's newer, b) it's more symmetrical, and c) Fliss hasn't dropped it on the floor.

(Note that this picture is already out of date, since we smothered it in melted Galaxy chocolate moments later.  I decided not to go with a picture of the finished product, though, because it could basically be anything under there.  No-one is going to believe I baked a cake without overwhelming evidence.)

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