Sunday, 10 May 2015

A Tale Of Cocktails #53

Puppet On A String


1 oz vodka
1/4 oz hazelnut liqueur
5oz pear juice
1/4 lemon juice
Peeled pear

Taste: 7
Look: 5
Cost: 8
Name: 7
Prep: 6
Alcohol: 2
Overall: 6.2

Preparation:  Peel pear, then peel strips from the flesh and cover them with the lemon juice. Shake the alcohol with ice and strain into glass. Add pear juice and lemon-soaked pears and serve.

General Comments: It occurs to me that that score might be a little harsh. This isn't actually a bad drink. But it doesn't come by its quality honestly. It piggy-backs on memories, conjuring up the feeling of eating hot spiced pears at the end of a winter meal. That's clearly cheating,  On top of which, it takes some effort to make, it's pretty weak, and whilst I appreciate the name's Eurovision reference as much as the next man, it doesn't make much sense beyond the pear peelings being a bit string-ish in a way maybe.

So harsh, yes, but fair. Like the Tories. Except for the fair bit, obviously. Also, this review isn't an array of guffawing murderous shit-bags.

I may be wandering off the point a bit. Um, drinks. Drinks are good. I like drinks. They do some small good at numbing the pain.

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