Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday Paintbench

I was asked last weekend how my painting is going (it might not have been a genuine question; I'm bad at sarcasm. Also cartwheels) which made me realise how long it's been since I put some photos up. Mainly that's because it's been a while since I actually finished anything, which in turn is because I keep starting things. The classic trap.

Still, last time I showed everyone just how much I was working on it embarrassed me into actually finishing something off, so let's see if that can work again. Up first is my termagant assembly line.

Then the Land Speeder Vengeance Fliss bought me for my birthday and which I should really be getting on with.

An under-coated Tavern Maid from Talisman. This one is lying fallow mainly because I'm afraid to start it. I can make women look tough or creepy; alluring is a whole new one. And yes, there's no actual reason the tavern maid needs to be sexy. I just feel the weight of tradition on me.

A Space Hulk Terminator I seem to keep forgetting to finish off.

And finally, a pair of Dreadfleet ships I never get around to spraying black because I only remember I need to do it when it's raining.

And there we go. That's everything.

(Except the four Eldar Guardians I'm halfway through under-coating. I have a problem. Send help. Or Ceramite Paint, actually. Send that.)

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