Thursday, 21 May 2015

This Title Contains Two Klues Xactly

This picture might have more to it than it seems.
Don't try her Sunday name.

Always better without ice, isn't it?

 Go green before you see red. Green can be a mixed up colour sometimes. Red is more orderly.

Fkgo wmmhmqa Jfvgg kqa V wmqo wvon geim jsvmqag oe Mgpkbm Qmwpkgofm, wnvpn oysqg eyo oe xm k bfkpm skonms onkq k gyuumgoveq.  Onvg vg eqm ej onegm bfkpmg wnmsm onmt feph tey vq k seei wvon geim byccfmg, kqa tey pkq’o mgpkbm yqovf mvonms tey wesh eyo wnmsm onm hmt vg, es k jyff neys mfkbgmg.

This show's so old I don't think the vehicles even matter any more
Kqa vo’g usmko. Onm byccfmg ksm jkvsft gvibfm, xyo onmsm’g k nksams seei krkvfkxfm kjoms tey’rm bserma teys imoofm vq wnko wm pkq jkvsft omsi “mkgt ieam”. Mrmq wvon onm avjjvpyfoft xks ge few, oneyun, jmw useybg (fmgg onkq 1%) ikqkum oe umo eyo wvoneyo kqt pfymg ko kff (onmsm’g k xvu OR gpsmmq vq onmsm wnmsm pfymg jfkgn yb vj tey’sm okhvqu oee fequ oe jvuysm geimonvqu eyo) ge onmsm’g onko oe kvi jes.

The pun made Bipolar Bear my favourite Tick character,
 but the condition itself, in brief, is awful.
Ava wm ikqkum oe umo eyo wvoneyo pfymg? Wmff, geso ej.  Apoykfft wm qmmama onsmm, xyo mrmst gvqufm eqm ej onmi wkg kxeyo new oe ebmq onm rksveyg jesig ej feph wm pkim kpsegg, kjoms wm’a kfsmkat jeyqa onm kpoykf peixvqkoveqg xyo peyfaq’o gmmi oe umo onmi oe wesh.  Ko k xksm ivqviyi V’a gkt k jvjon ej eys ovim (kxeyo jesot jvrm ivqyomg) vq onm seei vqrefrma ostvqu oe umo wmvsa otbmg ej bkafeph oe kpoykfft gbsvqu. Qmlo ovim wm’ff xm xsvquvqu geimeqm wnegm jvqumsg kpoykfft wesh.

I'll be brief again. I'm not saying Crashdown didn't deserve the rank,
 I'm just saying there seemed to be nothing going on inside.
Govff, rmst iypn smpeiimqama. Ko kseyqa £17 k bmsgeq, vo’g dyvom bsvpmt jes wnko vg ko iego kq neys’g mqomsokvqimqo, xyo vo’g onm geso ej onvqu onko bsmoot iypn uykskqommg tey’ff wkqo oe smfvrm vo ko fmquon, ge vq onko gmqgm onm bsvpm aemgq’o jmmf mqovsmft mloesoveqkom.


Dan said...

Full decrypt:

Last weekend Fliss and I went with some friends to escape newcastle, which turns out to be a place rather than a suggestion. This is one of those places where they lock you in a room with some puzzles, and you can’t escape until either you work out where the key is, or a full hour elapses.

And it’s great. The puzzles are fairly simple, but there’s a harder room available after you’ve proved your mettle in what we can fairly term “easy mode”. even with the difficultly bar so low, though, few groups (less than 1%) manage to get out without any clues at all (there’s a big tv screen in there where clues flash up if you’re taking too long to figure something out) so there’s that to aim for.

Did we manage to get out without clues? Well, sort of. Actually we needed three, but every single one of them was about how to open the various forms of lock we came across, after we’d already found the actual combinations but couldn’t seem to get them to work. At a bare minimum i’d say a fifth of our time (about forty five minutes) in the room involved trying to get weird types of padlock to actually spring. Next time we’ll be bringing someone whose fingers actually work.

Still, very much recommended. at around £17 a person, it’s quite pricey for what is at most an hour’s entertainment, but it’s the sort of thing that pretty much guarantees you’ll want to relive it at length, so in that sense the price doesn’t feel entirely extortionate.

SpaceSquid said...

Nice work.

Dan said...

Dan likes puzzles... They're like power squats for the mind!

SpaceSquid said...

I'm delighted you feel my blog is a place you can squat productively.