Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fresh From Sunken Ry'leh

Observe in hushed wonder the avatar fellow SFX forum-goer speedingslug made for me:

All investigators take d20/d100 SAN damage for witnessing Great Colthulu.


Pause said...


Almost seems a shame to crush it down into a small avatar. If it were me, my wish would be to get someone to animate it so it starts on the face, pans around a bit, then zooms out to the full thing.

jamie said...

So is it THE Colin Baker's visage? I wasn't clear on that, as I saw this post before I knew of all the brouhaha (man that's a word I need to use more often...)

SpaceSquid said...

It is indeed THE Baker. Not easy to tell, I know; frankly I think it looks a bit like me.

And yes, brouhaha is a disgracefully neglected word.