Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Hurrah! My free book (earned for slapping down SFX's News Editor) arrived today. Obviously the fact it arrived with a knock at the door at the ungodly time of seven-twenty was quite irritating, and the fact it arrived in a Games Workshop box somewhat confusing, but what matters is that I now have my reward for being mean to someone.

The only problem I can see is that the blurb both mentions "dragons" (which is usually, although not always, a bad sign) and, far more worryingly, "harmony". Is this SFX's attempt to rob me of my hate by deploying a novel featuring talking, genial dragons skipping gaily through marigold fields?

If so, then it was a bad move. I declare WAR!

Also, going back to the subject of dream interpretation, what does it say about me that last night's dream (OK, fine, the dream I had between picking up my new book and waking up at half nine thinking "SHIT!") involved me finding out that I'd written so much on my blog, Blogspot had decided to charge me. And not. weirdly, per post, but per tag? Is my subconscious telling me I need to focus more? Or just that I should use this blog as a procrastination enabler a little less?


jamie said...

Re more evidence of Ric's disturbed mental state: not a clue. To fulfill my stereotyped role, what was the book? Is that 'Bitterwood' book from Solaris?

SpaceSquid said...

It was Dragonforge, which I think might be the sequel to Bitterwood.

Jamie said...

Yeah, looks like it. The first one was supposed to be pretty good. A bit dumb to send out sequels as free gifts, although I suppose it just depends on the current release schedule.

Just read your critique of Rich Edwards this morning, good work. Liked Leah's soapbox too!

SpaceSquid said...

Well, according to Amazon I have the book over a month before it's due to be released, so bonus for me! I can fail to understand what the fuck is going on a full thirty two days before any of you freakish losers.

Being subscription-less, I've not read my own letter yet, I hope they didn't truncate it or some weak-ass shit like that. Glad you liked it, though.

What's Leah's soapbox about? Will I have to slap her down, too?