Saturday, 28 June 2008

I Now Add Comics To The Geek Gumbo That Is This Blog

This might only be truly relevant for comic book afficionados, but Progressive Boink's deconstruction of why Rob Liefield is one of the most overrated comic book artists of all time (if not one of the most overrated artists of any stripe of all time across all sentient species) made me laugh so hard I required medical attention. Best line:
If this isn’t a drawing of a naked guy on fire anally violating a semi-nude grotesquery in midair I don’t know comic books.

Although, really, they're all brilliant.


jamie said...

Overrated? I thought everyone hated him...

SpaceSquid said...

They do now. At the time he was getting paid a lot for this stuff, which implies there must have been a time when he was considered talented.

That or he had an awful lot of blackmail material on Bob Harras.