Friday, 27 June 2008

Wanted For Crimes Against Cute Doggies

So one of my precious, precious doggies got set upon by a goddamn pit-bull whilst on the beach. Pictured here is the perpetrator (well, it's the same type, at least, and I'm really not that uncomfortable with racism as applied to dog breeds).

We also present my dog, pictured in happier times (i.e. without fucking holes in her fucking neck).

It looks like a fairer fight than it was, since Staffordshire Bull Terriers were specifically bred to ruin other dogs' shit, and Old English Sheepdogs, were they specifically bred at all, presumably were done so to create the illusion of a cowardly walking carpet. If Threepio had been a dog, he would have been a OES (Artoo would probably have been a spaniel). Storm ended up bitten fairly badly in three places.

Once this thing's owner finally bothered to arrive and grab hold of it, it twisted free and attacked Storm, biting my mother in the process as she tried to separate them. It then got lose again and went for Josh instead, which didn't go as well for the little git since Josh is made of somewhat sterner stuff. Both of them had to get injections, Storm's on antibiotics and we have to keep checking for infection, and given that it went for my mother (fortunately the damage is mainly superficial) the canine douche-bag is very lucky not to have been put down (and by lucky, I mean that the police won't do anything on the grounds it was my mother's fault for sticking her hands in the dog's jaws, apparently better to just have let it tear Storm's throat out).

So, given that these rabid bastards exist purely to rip the throats out of other dogs (this thing wasn't just vicious, it was pretty good with it target selection), wouldn't you keep the damn thing on a lead? How has it survived this long without being destroyed? Some of these breeds are now illegal in many countries, and I can see why.


Pause said...

Oh eck. Best wishes to all who need them at Squid Family Towers.

jamie said...

That's a pretty horrible thing to happen. Doesn't the Dangerous Dog Act cover this sort of thing?

Best wishes to the family Crossman too! Hope everyone's recovering well.