Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday Metal: Dream Evil

My head is still somewhat mushed followed last night's Weird Wine, Symphonic Metal and Disney A Capella Karaoke Party, courtesy of Big Head. Our main conclusions: raisin and black beer wine is my favourite drink since I discovered Bombay Sapphire, and my/Chuck's new creation of a mead/ginger wine cocktail - inevitably named "The Minger" - will doubtless make us both rich beyond our wildest dreams.

Regardless, I haven't anything like the necessary RAM to write anything particularly cogent this evening. Instead, I present to you the very opposite of cogency, courtesy of Big Head's encyclopedic knowledge of duff metal songs. Remember kids, these people are immortal. Forever. They just can't die.

Imagine listening to this on repeat for six hours whilst drinking endless combinations of advocaat, whiskey, mead and three types of ridiculous wine and trying to remember the second verse to "Under The Sea", and you'll have some idea of how last night went. Which is to say entirely goddamn awesomely.

1 comment:

BigHead said...

Let us not forget that Dream Evil also brought us these profound words...

Thunder! Lightning! Fighting! Heavy metal in the night! Monsters! Dying! By axes! Bleeding in the burning night!

True poets.