Saturday, 20 November 2010

Deep Thought

You know you've diverged significantly from the rest of humanity when you walk happily by a large crowd of people hungrily taking in a police team and film crew in the middle of a drugs bust, but stop just after the press has passed when you realise that's the best place to watch the police doggies.

In my defense, German Shepherds are even cooler in their namesake country.

There's also some fun to be had running German spell checks on these posts, just to see which words exist in German too.

But back to work, I think.  I'm in the process of achieving my ultimate dream and actually putting together a coherent example of New Maths which takes the X-Men as a data set.  Nerdvana attained!

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Gooder said...

Since the work network is based on a German server, I find myself increasingly used to naivgating Google in German.....