Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday Warhammer Blogging: Green Gavem Roote

At long last (i.e. after ten months) my River Lords force has gained its fifth knight, meaning my Tully bannermen have themselves a champion, and that I finally have a Knights of the Realm unit that is theoretically fieldable at 144 points (minus whatever magical gubbins I might want to lavish upon them).

Green Gawen Roote himself got his name when he was knighted by his father, Ser Benjen Roote, only two days after Gawen's fourteenth name-day, and following his first ever battle, in which he led a left flank which was almost untouched by battle, resulting in various other knights (and even more so their squires) muttering into their cups that Gawen was far too "green" to be a knight.

In the seven years which have followed Gawen has proven his valor and skills in countless engagements, yet the name remains, either as an affectionate term or in reference to House Roote's green-on-green coat of arms.

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