Friday, 8 January 2010

Friday Warhammer Blogging: Bretonnian Riverlands

Continuing my effort to photograph every model I've ever painted, we return to my still nascent Bretonnian Army based on the River Lords from George R. R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire series. I didn't have time to set up pretty scenery, but you've all seen my bomb-site of a living room here before, so I'm not too bothered (besides, I don't want to go into my room; it's cold as hell in there right now. Stupid immersion heaters).

The full current unit. I'm just a champion away from it actually constituting a legal unit! I'm so excited! Unless they're grail knights, I guess, which would mean I'm already good to go. I don't know how you tell all these knight types apart, actually, which I freely acknowledge is kinda stupid of me.

The army standard bearer. Said standard, of course, carries the livery of the Tullys of Riverrun, traditionally the top dogs of the Riverlands. The knight himself bears the heraldry of House Mallister. Or at least, he sort of does. Further research has revealed that the purple should be a lot darker. This irritates me, but not so much that I've particularly tempted to re-paint him, especially since the darker purples can be difficult to shade.

A knight of House Vance of Atranta (I didn't even realise there were two branches until I read up on them courtesy of The Citadel). This was my first attempt to make a concerted effort to shade and highlight white. I think it's come out fairly well, conditional on my inexperience with anything so complex as "mixing paints." I'm very proud of the dragons, which go some way to compensating the fact that the towers look a little like tubby ghosts wearing crowns.

Never before witnessed by human eyes (unless you're Gooder, who keeps his obvious joy at his unique sneak previews of my painting projects surprisingly well-hidden), a knight of House Paege. I quite like the horse's colouring on this one, though I suspect the breed in question would be of limited use as a warhorse.

The latest knight, painted over Christmas when I wasn't too busy screaming in delirium. This last model is clad in the livery of House Bracken. I'm exceptionally proud of this one. Yellow is a notoriously difficult colour to get right, because the paints are always so horribly thin (at some point I'll get around to trying out Iyanden Darksun, which apparently doesn't have that problem, but looks a bit too muddy for my liking). I also think the stallion badges are the best ones I've done so far.

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jamie said...

Very impressed by the heraldry images, shall have to have a closer look next week!