Thursday, 14 January 2010

Continued Branching

My latest web-based activity away from this blog is up now at Geekplanet. It's part of their "Why I Love..." series, and rather unsurprisingly, I plumped for maths.

It's a bit shakily edited (partially because I ended up writing the whole thing in the simplest email form possible, and not all of my notation has been changed into actual font), but I rather like this one.


Tomsk said...

Nah, physics is the literature of the universe. Maths is just a collection of truisms. :p

I thought maths was great up until the point where it became clear that there's no analytical solution to anything but the simplest problems. Now I think arithmetic is great.

SpaceSquid said...

Physics is the literature of the universe in roughly the same way that Mills and Boon is the language of love.

Chemie said...

The Golem is not a dull book. It's quite beautiful. It just needs a little more coherence in construction - which is actually a reflection of the Jewish quarter it describes.

Dull? Pah. Read it until you like it!