Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday 40K Blogging: Boys In Blue

At last! The only remaining painted miniatures with which I haven't bothered the internet at large have finally arrived! Presenting my first squad of Ultramarines.

(For anyone who's wondering, the ship in the background of the first picture is a pirate ship pinata. Long story).

So what's next? Good question! I'm glad you asked. I appreciate it when you take an interest. Isn't it so great that we can just talk like this?

Next... I'm not sure. I have some more Tyranids on the way; the new codex is so filled with delicious goodies that I've been forced to expand the army list to 2500 points. Which means I'll have to add some stuff to my Dark Angels and Blood Angels too. Couple of special characters, maybe a Baal Predator, who knows? But then of course I've not yet hit 1300 points with my Tau; that needs to be rectified. My Red Corsairs desperately need some Thousand Sons reinforcements. I still have three fifths of a Space Squid squad to put together. There's been a strike cruiser sitting on my computer stack for months now waiting to be the first vessel in my Blood Angel fleet. I've also got all of those lovely Talisman figures to work through, though; as well as a copy of Space Hulk that Jamie, Pause, Dr L and Cocklick somehow managed to track down for me as 30th birthday present.

Damn, but life is hard...

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