Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hot Air

Good news for climate change truth-seekers: wind farms increase global warming!  And all it took for the facts to emerge was a single brave scientist, and some of the words in his report.  Don't look at all the words, though! That just confuses the issue!  Look at some of the words.  A few of the words.  One or two of the words.  And maybe change some of the others.

Then you'll see the perfectly obvious!  Global warming, which isn't happening, or at least certainly isn't being caused by people, is happening right now, because of people we don't like!  We were right all along!  This proves climate change is bullshit, just like thalidomide proved that pregnancy is actually really easy.  It's now clear GW is all a big hoax, except for this one tiny part which is definitely real because it'll piss off the hippy left! 

Repeat after me: people don't cause climate change, liberals do.  Even though climate change isn't real.

I'm glad we cleared that up.

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