Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Next Year: Kittens Bad, Wasps Good

My baffling obsession with the morass of stool water and maggot-filled black jism that is the contemporary Republican Party is finally retroactively explained today: not only are they anti-puppy, they're also pro-snake.

(For context, my girlfriend has pretty bad ophidiophobia, as well as being even more of a dog lover than I am.  She actually mentioned Florida's python infestation to me yesterday, and told me they were trying to get something done about it.  My immediate thought was that I could probably guess why she had to use the words "were trying" instead of "had begun".)


darkman said...

This just cements the fact that the GOP is COBRA in disguise:

SpaceSquid said...

I always thought John McCain had a "past-it Destro" feel about him, I have to admit.