Monday, 27 February 2012

Veep Pick: Quachil Uttaus?

Shorter Rick Santorum: if only academics could have been as pious and difficult to corrupt as politicians.

Obviously, the fact that vast swathes of the Right (American and British) despise me for my job title alone is nothing new.  I do believe though that this is the first time I've been unfavourably compared to a profession so ignoble it makes me feel Colombian drug lords get a bad rap.  At least they don't try to argue that forgiving their moral and legal lapses is in the public interest.

That said, though, I really am enjoying watching Santorum's campaign.  I figure he's pretty much toast tomorrow, but in the meantime, it's hilarious watching him ahead in multiple states according to multiple polls, despite him literally having said that American protestants are working for Satan.  These people would vote for Cthulhu if he promised to eat the liberals and abortion doctors first. 

(Though obviously, if Cthulhu actually took the Oval, four years later whichever Republican voters remained alive in the ghoul-haunted ruins of America would argue that the scourging of mankind was due to the president being too moderate, and our best hope now was that Hastur would beat Cthulhu in the primaries.)

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