Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Tale Of Cocktails #39

2 oz cachaca
2 tsp sugar
1/2 lime
Taste: 4
Look: 7      
Cost: 8
Name: 8
Prep: 7
Alcohol: 7
Overall: 6.4

Preparation: Mush together lime and sugar in a glass. Fill glass with cracked ice and add cachaca.
General Comments: What the hell is going on in Brazil?  The size of Europe and this is the best cocktail anyone can knock together?  This is like tequila and lime, only even more boring and not involving a worm, which was at least something to talk about whilst you forced foul-tasting death juice into your innards.

It has the advantage of being pretty powerful, I suppose, so you don't need many of them to get to whatever level of drunkenness you're planning on (I suppose the people of Rio have to come up with something to do in-between muggings).  There must be better ways to destroy one's mind and liver, though.  A cocktail should never be so bad as to make one impatient for the hangover.

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