Thursday, 7 March 2013

"There Are Many Similars"

While we're talking about similarities, how impressive is R Scott Bakker's impression of George R R Martin?

Not because of the relentlessly horrible nature of his fictional world, or the idea that a terrifying ancient evil from the North long considered myth is about to return to destroy the world, of course.  Because he wrote three awesome books, didn't wrap things up, wrote a fourth book in which nothing happened, wrote a fifth in which a whole bunch of people marched to battle and didn't really get there, and keeps promising a book with a publishing date that keeps slipping further and further away from sight.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, of course.  Maybe Bakker's hoping The Prince of Nothing gets a TV deal.  Though you'd think even HBO would shy away from a prologue which concerns itself mostly with pederasty...

Also, I have invented a new game!  I accidentally forgot to use Google to find a picture for this post, instead using the terrible search engine my computer came with as standard.  The image above is what the image search came up with for "Prince of Nothing".  The game involves finding the most ridiculous image possible from the first few hits, whilst keeping some kind of link between what's found and what was sought.  I may well employ this in the future, just to keep things interesting.

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