Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just For The Record...

...It would be a lot easier to cheer Rand Paul for insisting the US President shouldn't have the hypothetical power to kill US citizens without due process if he didn't also believe the US President should actually exercise his actual powers to let tens of thousands of actual US citizens actually starve, choke or bleed to death.

I mean, fine, the dude's right about that first part.  Just don't expect us to be leaping out of seats to congratulate the guy who's planning to make the death toll in his own country spike upwards, is what I'm saying.  Hell, give the average Joe on the street a choice between being blown up by a overhead drone, or having their brains attacked by viruses escaping vast lagoons of pig-shit, I'm not sure the answer will go the way Paul and his business lovin' buddies might hope it would.

Like I say, it's not that I disagree with him on his latest stand.  But when someone comes to the right destination by walking down a terrible, terrible road, it's a bit much to be told you should be applauding the guy's map-reading.

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