Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Best Things Come...

My birthday cake was somewhat delayed this year, purely because the birthday celebrations in general had been delayed; a week in which the snow fell so thick that my village was all but cut off and my car ended up wrapped around the number 82 bus not really being appropriate for assembled friends and funtimes.

We finally got round to acknowledging the (near) conclusion of my first third of a century yesterday, and with two months of build-up, the Other Half concluded that a ramp-up of her (already considerable) cake-making skills was called for.  I therefore present: Talisman: the Cake!

Clearly this is not only one of the greatest cakes ever consumed by squid, but it's arguably an improvement on the original game as well, being far more compact, and tasting of vanilla.  There are also two expansions (three including Anthrax the red dragon), the Dungeon and the Highlands (the Other Half must have been very glad I haven't bought the City yet), which taste of lemon and coffee, respectively, and which again represent improvements over the original.  Who could remain interested in fighting the Lord of Darkness when they could fight the abominable red bear-bull-dolphin?[1] What fear does the Eagle King inspire when compared to the giant orange Death-horse?

It takes great skill to improve upon a classic game.  It takes still greater skill to make it taste so delicious at the same time.  All hail the Other Half!

[1] It's clearly a bear, as far as I'm concerned, but one of our more eccentric guests yesterday insisted it was the product of unholy union twixt bovine and cetacean.

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