Monday, 12 May 2008

I Guess This Is How Voldemort Got Started

I always worried that I had a tendency to go a bit too far with entertaining my pupils. I had deals with some of the more truculent classes (and, in truth, those I was most fond of) that should they complete a given amount of work by five minutes before the end of the lesson, they could have a story (not to toot my horn, or nothing, but I'm pretty good at telling stories to children). It seemed a valid reward strategy to me (although with the benefit of hindsight I'm not sure the one about the Israeli Army's Circumcision Brigade was entirely wise), but there was always that nagging doubt that I should be going through one more simultaneous equation, or lecturing them on time-management, or something.

Now, though, I'm just glad I didn't work in Florida, and that I never tried to wow them with magic tricks. This is the sort of thing that is beyond parody, especially since, as the article mentions, even when the school (allegedly) trumped up reasons for firing this guy (a missing toothpick not generally considered a sacking offence in any job ever, one would presume), they listed them as being additional problems to his wizardry, as oppose to, y'know, the only problems.

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