Thursday, 15 May 2008

In Which I Finally Actually Win Something

Yay! The nice folks at my magazine of choice (well, Big G's choice) are sending me a free book for writing them an awesome e-mail, in which I point out that their news editor writes like an idiot. In a cruel twist of fate, it was the target of my ire that had to write to me to tell me I'd won. Hurrah for irony! It's nice not to be on the crappy end of it for once.

Unless this whole "prize" thing is a ruse, and all that's winging its way to my newly-identified letterbox is a parcel of feces. If so, the man has more intelligence than his imbecilic rant suggested.

Still, assuming this is legit, it's nice to know that my first prize of any kind for four years came from being a total douchebag to someone. It confirms a great deal of my recent thinking.


Pause said...

A bit late, but congratulations.

Er, on winning, not on being a douchebag, that is.

SpaceSquid said...

You'd be, like, sixteen years late on the latter.