Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Teh Interweb


This is exactly what I fear most about blogging, that someone much, much smarter than me will stumble across this page (despite this place having less hits than Deep Blue Something), disagree with something I've said, and then absolutely bitch-slap me across our treasured series of tubes.

I hope that if (when?) it does happen that I show a little grace than Mr Morgan (never trust a blog whose title includes a capitalised adjective, not even I was egotistical enough to think SpaceSquid AWESOME a particularly good idea).

Oddly, I had a very similar conversation to the one above yesterday with Dr L about whether we should be allowing IVF treatments on lesbians who are capable of conceiving naturally. It's worth noting, though, that Dr L was far more lucid in her arguments (which were in no way as bad as this doofus', although she was still wrong), and somewhat less inclined to revert to ad hominem whilst losing (as oppose to ad hominem whilst winning, which remains my exclusive preserve).

Update: Mother-cruncher "moderated" my post out of existance, as well! Just because I pointed out that "I am not a bigot" cannot be entirely reconciled with "I will tolerate you even though you still live with your parents, wearing shitty clothing and unable to get laid". It might not exactly be bigotry, sure, but if you're going to be a dick to an entire group of people you give no indication of knowing anything about, maybe you should keep your damn mouth shut.

Just sayin'...


Pause said...

I can picture it now: your Nemesis maintaining some kind of anti-blog that exists only to respond to and pick apart your own posts, punctuated by occasional derogatory reports of what you've been doing lately and thus why you deserve such treatment.

Might be quite a time-consuming job, though.

SpaceSquid said...

I would imagine so. Mercifully, thus far, everyone I've met on the internet whom I fear has a genuine chance of cleaning my clock has been more or less on my side.

The search goes on...