Monday, 17 August 2009

Sixty Second Film Corner: Tarantino Through Time

Inglorious Basterds manages to be a standard Tarantino smart-mouthed bloodbath and a uncomfortable paranoia-infused SS-dominated war film at the same time, and I mean that in the sense that the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth is simultaneously funny and tragic, rather than in the From Dusk Till Dawn "character-heavy kidnap film and bullshit vampire flick somehow welded together" sense. Since Tarantino wrote the latter, Inglorious... can be considered significant progress in the right direction.

The ending still kinda sucks, mind. In fact in the last ten minutes you could have had the Nazis turn out to be vampires anyway, and it wouldn't really be any less of a messed-up finish. I guess Tarantino's main progression is in waiting until much later in the film to go ape-shit, and not relying on Rodriguez to drop the insano-bomb.

PS: I also believe that "Tarantino Through Time" could be a truly awesome movie, but Hollywood can't have it unless they agree to let me direct my long-dreamed-of musical adaptation of Krull.

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