Saturday, 1 August 2009

Saturday 40K Blogging: Blood And Fire Part 2

Damn! So close to getting this up on Friday. Ah well, that'll teach me to wander the streets of Durham imbibing alcohol essentially at random.

In any event, let's get onto the miniatures. Last Friday, I got through my HQ and Elite choices. Next up, the GROPOS:

Two squads of Tactical Marines, about which I have very little to say, beyond being happy to have finally gotten past the Second Edition plug-in-bolter models.

My Assault Marines, mainly notable in this series of pictures for looking less like a well-disciplined squad of highly trained killers, and more like a gang of drunken idiots. Still, they've killed their fair share of enemies, so I'm prepared to let their lack of discipline slide a little. Think of them as Sharpe's Space Regiment, only without the floozies or the shitty later episodes.

My pair of Attack Bikes. Not much to say about these two, aside from the fact that in most battles, one gets destroyed on the first turn, and then the second messes up the prettiest enemy tank on the battlefield. Hours of fun.

A slightly blurred shot of my Devastators. Few things in the world filled me with more pleasure than the day I opened the White Dwarf re-write of the Blood Angel rules and found they no longer had a 1 in 6 chance of running pointlessly towards the enemy. It wasn't perhaps the worst handicap in the world for the army as a whole (though if there is one thing the GW development team need to learn, it's that they long ago passed the point where more randomness equals more fun, as oppose to greater irritation), but for the Devastators it was entirely nonsensical and endlessly annoying.

Lastly, my Whirlwind. This got painted up in the summer of 2001, and is one of the older Rhino versions, but aside from the fact that it looks a bit like it has Max Rebo for a gunner, I think it manages to hold its own.

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