Friday, 31 July 2009

Shake #14

Today's shake: Blueberry Nutri-Grain

Taste: 4
Texture: 5
Synergy: 7
Scorn: 8
Total Score: 4.5

General Comments: This was an odd one. High Synergy was awarded, since I believed the combination of dairy produce, fruit and dense breakfast-cereal like crumbly bits would combine sensibly. High Scorn was also given, however, due to my suspicion that the aforementioned sensible combination would be something one drink at a health farm whilst waiting for a colonic irrigation.

In practice, it might have well not been a milkshake at all. If someone had told me they had put in sugared water instead of vanilla ice-cream, I honestly would believe it. It tasted exactly like a liquidised nutri-grain bar should, which is to say the initial sensation is pleasantly fruity, but the hideous pencil-shaving aftertaste kicks in almost immediately. I found myself forced to fill my throat with the longest draughts possible, in order to minimise the number of gag-inducing post-swallow sensations [1]. J-Dog's suggestion that the milkshake be "downed in one" were briefly considered, but ultimately dismissed, since there is little street-cred to be gained from such an act, and much to risk in the way of vomiting light blue pencil-shavings across Elvet Bridge.

Since I've now tasted two shakes from each grouping, I think another round of pointless charts is called for, but that will have to wait until I can be bothered.

[1] This term is in no way funny.

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Senior Spielbergo said...

[1] It is a little funny