Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Gothic Blogging: Wings Of The Angels

Fresh off the production line, my completed Dark Angels Fleet.

The fleet in action.

My battlebarge, the Echoes of Caliban.

The Echoes of Caliban again, escorted by the strike cruiser Indefatigable.

Two more strike cruisers, the Intolerance and the Wolfsbane.

My final cruiser, the Molochia.

Three Gladius class frigates, the Swords Of The Unforgiven.

Azrael's Gaze, a small squadron of Firestorm class frigates.

The Hunter class destroyer squadron Lion's Teeth.

A treacherous Imperial Governer's private fleet suddenly finds itself in serious need of the Emperor's forgiveness. The Sons of the Lion can find you anywhere, buddy, nowhere in the Carpet Nebula is safe!


Talia said...

Oooh, pretty!

I spent all saturday afternoon painting Napoleonic soliders with my landlord, while wishing I could paint Sisters of Battle.

10 arms clearly help when you're painting Oh great Squid!

(oh, and it's Dria from the forum!)

SpaceSquid said...

Glad you like them, and good to have you on board, Talia.

The problem with ten arms is being able to hold five miniatures at once, but only being able to see one with each eye. I guess that still means very fast undercoating, though.