Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday 40K Blogging: The Sons Of The Lion Part 2

A second look at my Dark Angels.

A tactical squad. Note the Sergeant and the flamer-armed marine, those are models that date all the way back to Second Edition. This is why they are shit. Do not blame the artist (though the fact the other eight are terrible is my fault).

A smaller tactical squad and Razorback. This squad is a little plasma heavy to fit in with the Third Edition background (apparently their unique status as the First Legion means they're much happier frying their own faces like fucking idiots) . The Razorback has twin-linked lascannons as part of an overall theme for the army. Well, I guess "a fuck-ton of lascannons" isn't a theme, so much as part of the philosophy that it is much better to face a horde with lascannons than it is to face heavily armoured targets with a heavy bolter (this is why Obelisks of Nod beat the shit out of Advanced Guard Towers back in the original Command & Conquer, but I digress). In the event, it turns out I can never hit anything ever anyway, but I still dream of a day when I'll actually be able to roll enough 3 pluses to reduce C's Storm Raptors into a pathetic orange mist.

My Ravenwing contingent. The Land Speeder has fallen off its flying base more times than any other model I have combined, and along with my Desolator-class battleship was what finally persuaded me to buy a hobby drill [1]. The most interesting thing about the bike squad, aside from me having a spare biker that I can't use now because of the stoopid combat squad rules (and that there's apparently another marine desperate to burn out his eyeballs) is the Sergeant's power sword. It's difficult to see it (and impossible with the Company Master from last week), but whilst this army as a whole has very little highlighting (a common trait in my first four armies), I did make an effort into blending swords. The technique is more obvious on the Hive Tyrant from three weeks ago, since with that model I blended from green to white, whereas here it's from red to orange, but it's just about noticeable.

A Predator Annihilator, stocked to the gills with shooty laser death. Since C always manages to roll the first turn, and is somehow incapable of missing with any weapon he shoots with, this poor vehicle gets to actually fire maybe one game in five, at which point it invariably misses. Such are the perils of your regular opponent having a near-infinite supply of luck.

My devastators. I know conventional wisdom suggests one should have only one or two types of heavy weapons in such a squad, so as to have a more concrete idea of their likely effect on any given target, but a) that's boring, and b) when I bought these many years ago I didn't really have enough money to do anything but get the boxed set. Besides, this way not only is there another lascannon, but someone else can sear away their own flesh. I mean, what kind of pussy wouldn't go into battle with a weapon that cripples its bearer once every eighteen shots?

Next time, I shall wheel out my only other completed army, the Blood Angels. This is the army of which I am most proud, because as work continued on the force both my painting skills and my budget increased, leading me to buy my first ever complete resin kit, a kit which was both almost impossible to do anything with (anyone whose tried to paint resin will now how pernicious the anti-stick chemicals the pieces get treated with are), and which for the first time allowed me to own a model that cost more in pounds than it did in points. Of course, three months later GW released a plastic equivalent for the third of the price, but that's another story.

[1] You would not believe how many people have asked me how I came to have my drill. Unless you believe it's one, which is the correct answer.

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