Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday 40K Blogging: The Sons of the Lion

Today, MotCC is proud to present Lion El'Jonson's finest: the Dark Angels. This army was started early in 2000, and finished in (if memory serves) 2005. I'm a lot more proud of this army than Hive Fleet Tengu, probably because my previously rudimentary paint skills (not that I'm Michelangelo these days or anything) are less obvious with a more muted colour scheme.

A couple of overview shots.

My Company Master and his command squad. In truth, both this unit and the veterans squad are somewhat sub-optimal, having but one apothecary, one veteran sergeant, and one lascannon between them. This is because of the re-jig in the latest Dark Angels Codex, which decreed that every infantry squad be either five or ten models strong. The resulting re-ordering of the force spread a few things a little thinly, but I refuse to paint any more models for the army. Life's too short.

A Dark Angels Librarian. Later Codexes have scaled back the blue idea a bit, but see above comment regarding life span.

The Deathwing. These are some pretty old models, which makes them a bit smaller than current Terminators, but with far more experience. They're a crack team of Yodas, essentially, but with an assault cannon. Judge them not by their size.

A Techmarine and his two servitors, which I loosely based on First Contact Borg. It... didn't entirely work.

The aforementioned veteran squad. Note the orange trimming, to tie them into the command squad. The idea of a fiery orange to complement Dark Angels green is an idea I picked up from way back in White Dwarf 170, a fact that makes me feel old and creaky beyond belief.

Next week, the army's troops, fast attack, and heavy support slots.

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