Thursday, 23 July 2009


Just in time, I present celebrations of Jamie and Cocklick, whose shared birthday today represents them moving into the last young year of their lives.

For Jamie, a reminder of the two months we shared a room in college and bombarded each other with our favourite tunes; Crowded House's very least shit song.

And for Cocklick, another call-back to our college years. Every time I mentioned Semisonic (currently at the peak of their popularity after Feeling Strangely Fine), Cocklick would say "Yeah, they're gonna be big". The joke being they were already big.

Then they got small, and then broke up.

Man, I just realised how much nostalgia is creeping into the stuff I'm writing. I hate getting old. Still, happy birthday, guys.

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Jamie said...

Cheers dude; and I did indeed have another piece of chocolate cake on my birthday (na na na na).