Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Heroes And Villains

Message to Trainline: I have some suggestions regarding your operation that I think will significantly improve your customer feedback.
  1. Do not send people the wrong tickets;
  2. Do not tell those people to send the tickets back at their own expense, rather than just printing new ones out;
  3. Do not tell the same person that his tickets have also been dispatched, even though you've clearly just swapped two envelopes round by mistake;
  4. Do not repeat this obvious fabrication during two further phonecalls;
  5. Lastly, and most importantly, do not tell him that you can, and will, arrange for him to collect his tickets at the station on the day of travel (despite knowing full goddamn well that if there's a problem no-one will be manning your phones to sort it out), and then not bother to do a fucking thing, forcing him to buy new tickets for over one hundred quid, and create a knock-on effect whereby his bank account runs dry on Tuesday afternoon, forcing him to choose between eating and getting to his hotel.
Message to Gooder: Thanks for not letting me starve.

More pleasant ruminations on my trip South tomorrow. I have pictures of meerkats!


Talia said...

Ah, trains...evil tubes of pure maliciousness!

But meerkats! Yay!

Djn said...

Trains are indeed evil. However if you've come as south to London and not let me know, I will not be happy!