Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday 40K Blogging: The First Shoal

At long last, the first Squid squad stands ready for duty.
Eagle-eyed (and disturbingly obsessive) readers will notice that I've added the tactical arrow to the right shoulder pad. This was not my choice. Having been bought Assault on Black Reach by the Squid Seniors at Xmas I figured I'd use some of the tactical marines within to bolster all three of my nascent Space Marine forces.

Infuriatingly, said marines come with tactical arrows already modelled on.

Why? For the love of the Emperor, why? Not only does it completely unnecessarily limit one's choices if you want to paint up a non-Codex chapter, (I can't use them for Salamanders now, since the right pad is where the flame-burst goes) but the arrow itself is hideous, sprouting out of the ridge of the pad, instead of allowing space. This is deeply displeasing.

Also, it's worth noting that whilst I originally intended for this entire chapter to be black, I've decided it makes more sense two employ two skin tones; one for the taciturn warriors of Kringrimm, and the other for the more raucous brawlers of Four Feathers. I spent a while trying to decide which way round the tones should be, and whether I could somehow manage to accidentally send some unpalatable racial message by implying black people were either outdated and faded people typically subject to being massacred or former convicts now working for Chapter Master Whitey.

Eventually, though I decided that a) I was over-thinking it, and b) Three Chaplains is taking us to a place where a Kringrimm is unlikely to show up as a Sergeant in any case (even a veteran), so fuck it. Convicts and underdogs it'll have to be. Looks like their day's about to come in any case, though; the next chapter of the Krakens of Greyjoy is almost complete.

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