Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Shrinking Dead

Not much from me this weekend, since I'm both fully-booked and feeling distinctly bleurgh (why do I have to spend my entire life either too stressed to function or suffering endless achey colds brought on by stress reduction). Those looking for something short and interesting (and who are thus already on completely the wrong blog) might want to get on over to Lawyers, Guns and Money and take a look at this. It's a neat little article explaining why it appears as though mortality rates are going down in countries at war. I don't have any point to make by recommending it, it's just an interesting (if depressing) example of how something that sounds entirely counter-intuitive can have a tremendously simple and compelling explanation.

Plus, it's nice to be reminded that whatever else is despicable and unpleasant about this world, we are at least killing each other a whole lot less than we used to.

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