Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Shake #35: The Day The Shaking Stopped

Today's shake: Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Taste: 6
Texture: 7
Synergy: 8
Scorn: 2
Total Score: 7.25

General Comments: At long last my Scorn skills seem to have reached an adequate level. My working theory on this shake would be that it would work very well (given that people have been selling chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream for years with, to my knowledge, no casualties or riots causing problems), but that there was a distinct change of straw-blockage.

So it proved. Aside from the occasional need to remove the straw to dislodge pieces of soggy brownie, the shake is entirely palatable, with nice little bits of fudge and chocolate to chew on between mouthfuls.

And with that, I declare the shake experiment over (aside from some final number-crunching, which I'll get round to later in the week). The expansion of my waist-band is one reason to give up, as is the fact that I seem to mined several of the shake categories of anything particularly pleasant. Also, Shakeaholic is apparently about to change its menu (this was one of the few cakes that remained), and I really haven't the will to potentially start all over again.

I hope that this series has proved useful. I can't for the life of me imagine how it could, but I hope for it nonetheless.


Chemie said...

Does this mean you will never return to the shake shop?

You could move onto baking as your experiment of choice. :)

SpaceSquid said...

I'd rather not experiment with regards to how many of my friends I can poison and how much of my kitchen I can burn.

It's possible I'll return to the shake shop at some point, but I imagine I'll stick the the half dozen or so shakes that acheived more than 7 out of 10.

Senior Spielbergo said...

But surely you have over 140 more shakes to try? This sounds like quitter talk if you ask me.

SpaceSquid said...

It's not like I'm surrendering Sveaborg to the Russians, or anything. Still, maybe I've been hanging around Democrats too much.