Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I'd Genuinely Rather Just Hear Them Barking

Back in February I complained about "OK Go Syndrome", a hideous disease that strikes bands down in their prime (well, "prime") following a hit video and forces them to care more and more about the visuals and less and less about the accompanying, y'know, song.

Can I just say: case closed.

Seriously, I saw this video for the first time ninety minutes ago, and already I can't remember a single lyric, note or beat. At all. All I remember is a whole bunch of doggies doing lovely doggy things (though the band has gotten to the point where they can't manage single-take, single-camera routines anymore; what is it they say about working with children and animals?)

So, yeah, the disease is presumably entering its final stages. Still, doggies!


Talia said...

But why do you care about dogs? Don't you have buckets of puppies just lying around?

SpaceSquid said...

Pfft. I have a girlfriend, too, that doesn't mean I don't like watching films starring Jennifer Connelly.