Wednesday, 1 September 2010

"They Must Have Looked Something Like... A Roast Chicken"

Ooh! They've dug up a new species of dinosaur! And it sounds... er... interesting.
The fossil of a stocky new dinosaur with two sets of claws on its feet unearthed in Romania has given researchers a window into what European predators looked like in the final years of the Age of Dinosaurs... "Compared to Velociraptor, Balaur was probably more of a kickboxer than a sprinter, and it might have been able to take down larger animals than itself, as many carnivores do today."
Man, it must have sucked to be a dinosaur during the late Cretaceous. There you are, standing around waiting for something to arrive that you might be able to shag, and sighing with melancholy over the upcoming death of your entire species, and all of a sudden this little bastard shows up and starts kicking the shit out of you:

Also, I don't care what the fossil record says. That's only an "artist's impression" if the artist in question is off their fucking tits.

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