Friday, 4 March 2011

Sixty Second Film Review Corner: True Grit

This is the second Cohen Coen Brothers (edit: this is what happens when I'm too tired to check spellings) remake I've seen without actually watching the original (though since this is based on a novel, considering the John Wayne version as "the original" isn't really the best idea), and once again absent comparison, everything seems to work very well indeed.  Matt Damon is on his best form, Geoff Jeff Bridges is all slurry, cantankerous charm, and Hailee Steinfeld is truly remarkable.  Highly recommended.

Glad I didn't see it with The Other Half, though.  She's increasingly sick of films that don't warn the viewer of an imminent snake-blizzard.


Jamie said...

Since you've updated Bridges' name, you might also want to correct 'Cohen' to 'Coen' :)

I enjoyed the film, but thought it was solid rather than mind-blowing. I agree that Steinfield was the standout performance, clearly a name to watch. I wish that I had been able to understand Bridges's slurred words rather better (I think I missed about 25% of his dialogue).

SpaceSquid said...

Jamie? With a correction? Inconceivable! ;)

Though I agree about Bridge's delivery. I quite liked the idea, though. Certainly seemed appropriate.