Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Legalisms And Smugness

This is probably the best website I've stumbled upon in quite some time (h/t to Mother Jones).  It reminds me a little of my own amateurish attempts to decide if killing a Cylon legally constitutes murder, but obviously it's much more compelling when approached by people who know exactly what they're doing.  If I get time later I might take a closer look at some of their conclusions with regard to the X-Men, to see whether I agree (from a fanboy perspective, I mean).

While we're on the subject of comics, I figured I'd mention that Chris B and I received an email from Mike Carey earlier in the week, saying how much he enjoyed listening to Panel Talk #11.  Obviously, the fact that my favourite comic book writer enjoyed listening to us discussing something he wrote has me speechless with geeky joy.  Hopefully we'll be adding a tag-line to our subsequent issues reading "Panel Talk:  Not Actively Disliked By A Guy We Thought We Might Have Pissed Off".

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