Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another Year, Another Post

The unquestionable mathematics of linear time have deemed that this day be considered my "birthday".  It's been thirty two years since I first squirmed out into the world, and global domination is still as far from my tentacle tips as ever it was.  Other than that, though, I seem to have done OK.

I've certainly been damned lucky in my choice of friends and girlfriend, certainly.  Currently sitting on my kitchen worktops is this deliciously citrus-tinged delight, baked by The Other Half, and just waiting for me to digest my Chinese dinner enough to allow me to start gorging. 

Also on display in chez calamari: this truly beautiful birthday card, designed by My Other Half's workmate, and our mutual friend, Michelle Webb.

Cocktails, doggies, and probability formulae.  The woman knows her audience.

Further examples can be found at her shop, which I recommend browsing.


Midget_Yoda said...

A belated happy birthday wish, oh squiddy one.

May your sums converge and your parameters be estimable (although, now I've written that, I'm no longer sure it's a real word).

SpaceSquid said...

Thanks, tiny-yet-wise. I'm sure my parameters could be estimable, so long as they held in sufficiently high esteem.

Right now though I'd settle for being attached to a clinical trial that isn't so badly run I'd rather have the condition than study its properties.

Michelle Webb said...

Hey So pleased you liked your card cuttle fishy one. Here is my linky to my blog, as you couldn't get the right link before.

Any fishy followers are very welcome for a goggle at me pics, and any bespoke cards requested will be gratefully received. I like a challenge. Michelle x