Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 40K: The Motley Crusade

After getting my Tyranid army up to 2500 points, and completly re-basing both it and my Tau force, I thought I'd go for something at least a little different, so I've set about finishing painting up the Space Marines from the Assault on Black Reach box.  I've now gotten through the tactical squad, which combined with its equivalent from Battle for Macragge, and a Sterguard Veteran and old-time Veteran Sergeant, has given me the beginnings of a Space Marine Crusade army, which for those who don't remember the term, just means "a shitload of different Chapters who all show up at once."

(For those of you who remember the Space Squids back-story I started putting together - and which I still intend to complete, though that's true of about eight different things at this point - the dark-skinned individuals above were born on Four Feathers.  The Kringrimmi will have a different skin tone, but none of those that remain will be likely to be sergeants, or at least not without Terminator armour as well.)

Meanwhile, at the paint station:

That Dreadnought is destined to join the ranks of the Salamanders (who are looking somewhat under-represented just now).  But what are those two things that look like tiny ironing stands?  For those who don't recognise them, I shall give you a clue: the only reason they haven't progressed beyond the undercoat stage is that I've run out of Regal Blue.

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