Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Life-Easing Properties Of Tiny Shit-Cannons

Ah, Cameron's Conservatism.  So... compassionate.

I don't really have anything to say on the specific value of the cap Cameron is proposing.  I lack the necessary data for that.  I would, however, like to point out three things:
  1. Arguing that the cap can't be too low because lots of people want it to be lower still is functionally equivalent to saying "A lot of pricks want me to be a bigger prick, so I don't see why my prickishness should be a problem" [1];
  2. Telling people that in a time of high employment the cause of child suffering he's focusing on is the people who could work but can't be bothered displays an ear so shot through with tin it belongs down a mine in Poldark;
  3. How can a man with four children possibly be so stupid as to sign on to arguments that suggest people view an extra baby or nine as being a good way of avoiding hard work, or ensuring a greater amount of living space?
A quick pitch for a reality TV show: David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith are invited to live for six months in Blenheim Palace, only to discover on arrival that every one of the staff has been replaced with a three month old baby and a single bag of Pampers.  The entire area is then sealed off, save for a weekly Tesco's delivery, and the resulting mayhem is filmed until it looks like a baby's health might be in danger, or Dave and IDS reconsider this government's social policy.  Or the next election is called, whichever comes first.

Working title: "Rugtwats".

[1] I wonder if Enoch Powell ever tried that one? "A lot of people wanted me to say 'The river Tiber foaming with much blood, and also the piss of darkies and the semen of homos'!"

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