Tuesday, 30 October 2012

ANKOD 2: ANKODic Boogaloo

All this talk of music has made me realise it's been a while since our last music quiz here: almost six months in fact.  And since my ridiculous riff on a tired formula somehow became one of the most read posts I ever produced, I figure we may as well try it again.  I'll put the rest of the answers up to the previous post in exactly one week, in case anyone wants one last try.

So, as last time: 25 songs.  The first word of the song, and the first letters of the first line are given, though I've been kind and included "wooah"s, "yeah!"s, and "1-2-3!"s. "The" and pronouns (plus derivatives) get you another word, too.  Also given are the initials of the song title, the band, and the album, in that order.  One point for the complete first line, the song title, the band, or the album.  As usual, there is no artist who appears more than once.  Good luck.

1.   "We live and dream about the future" - Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando And I - R.E.M. - Collapse Into Now. (Jamie)
2.   "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road" - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day - Nimrod. (Tim)
3.   "Woa-hoah! They must pay the rent!" - Destiny - Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny.
4.   "Once I knew a girl in the hard hard times" - Best For The Best - Josh Ritter - The Animal Years. (The Other Half)
5.   "Don't stop, isn't it funny how you shine?" - Don't Stop - The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses. (Jamie)
6.   "Amphetamine Annie Dog" - Annie Dog - Smashing Pumpkins - Adore.
7.   "Put your hand inside this dream."- Skindiving - James - Laid. (Jamie)
8.   "I love you through stars and shining dragons, I do" - Made Up Love Song #43 - Guillemots - Through The Window Pane.
9.   "Yeah! Lover I'm on the street" - Desire - U2 - Rattle And Hum.
10. "I'd rather be some nameless fisherman" - I'd Rather Be - Abbie Gardner and Anthony da Costa - Bad Nights/Better Days.
11. "Mirrors in the room go black and blue" - Cold Roses - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Cold Roses.
12. "Follow you around 'til it's time" - Evidence - Jimmy Eat Word - Invented.
13. "Come WM" - CWM -Zwan -MSOTS. (Jamie)
14. "1-2-3 Woo! You gotta LE" - LE - Presidents Of The USA - LE. (Jamie)
15. "We'll be fighting in the streets" - Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who - Who's Next? (BigHead)
16. "So you don't want to hear about my good day" Good Day - The Dresden Dolls - Dresden Dolls.
17. "I get ahead on my motorbike" - The Living End - Jesus & Mary Chain - Psychocandy.
18. "The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling" - Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell. (Tim)
19. "I went down to the place where I knew she lay waiting" - Night Comes On - Leonard Cohen - Various Positions.
20. "She grew up in an Indiana town" - Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits.
21. "These mist-covored mountains" - Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms. (Tim)
22. "I found a mountain on my own" - A Little Discourage - Idlewild - One Hundred Broken Windows.
23. "Everyone want to be a showman" - Genius - Kings Of Leon - Youth And Young Manhood.
24. "You know I don't like you but you wanna be my friend" - When I Dream Of Michaelangelo - Counting Crows - Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings. (Jamie)
25. "He's a pistol grip" - Killboy Powerhead - Offspring - Smash.

Hints 'n' tips: I've had to replace five ampersands above, along with three sets of letters, either in song titles or band names; as well as pretending one band name was a single word, rather than a delineated acronym.  At least one song here has been recently posted on this blog as a video. There's nineteen definite bands here (or at least duos), though one vocalist appears with two different bands.  There's also three solo artists in there, along with two solo artists who arguably should be considered as having bands at the time. Eight artists come from this side of the pond.

Oh, and "GH" is exactly as obvious as you think it is.


Jamie said...

5. 'Don't stop, isn't it funny how you shine' - 'Don't Stop' - The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
7. 'Put your hand inside this dream' - 'Skindiving' - James - Laid
24. 'You know I don't like you but you wanna be my friend' - 'When I Dream of Michaelangelo' - Counting Crows - Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

Jamie said...

13. Zwan?
14. Presidents of the USA
23. Kings of Leon

Jamie said...

1. 'Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando, and I' - R.E.M. - Collapse into Now (cannot remember the lyrics for the life of me)

Tim said...

Ones I can immediately spot:

2. Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road - Good Riddance (Time of your Life) - Green Day - Nimrod

18. The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling - Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf - Bat Out OF Hell (I think it's 'fires are', though your initials suggest 'fire is')

21. These mist-covered mountains - Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

SpaceSquid said...

All correct so far, despite my slight mistake with the lyrics to "Bat out of Hell".

I've added another word to the Presidents of the USA song, actually, because "you" is a pronoun and I is an idiot.

BigHead said...

15. We'll be fighting in the streets, Won't get fooled again, The Who, can't remember the album, is it Who's Next?

SpaceSquid said...

Indeed it is! That's us more than a third of the way through already.

SpaceSquid said...

The Other Half offered me half an answer over Skype. She doesn't want to post a comment, presumably so I don't get the impression she improves of the time-sink my blogs represent.