Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Black Ooze Dripping From The Black Country

Pop quiz, hotshot: which of these is more likely to divide the nation?
A: Those two guys over there who want to be allowed to call their union a marriage?
B: That bloke on the fringe of the Tory conference arguing allowing gay marriage is the first step towards totalitarianism, and reminiscent of anti-Semitism in early Nazi Germany?
If you answered "B", then obviously you're not as smart as Ann Widdicombe.
Its not anti-gay, there is no one right which you're giving to gays which they don't already have under civil partnerships.
You're taking it away from heterosexuals but your not giving anything to the gays.
Yes, these horrible protesters who want to remove the right to have something denied to other people. To lose the right to say "I can have this and you can't". 

Why would that strike anyone as bigoted?

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