Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Paint Bench: The Floating Fortress And Friends

With nothing finished this fortnight, it's the perfect time to take stock of all the half-done miniatures littering our table and making The Other Half paranoid she'll knock them over and incur infinite wrath.

First up, as hinted by the post title, I've moved a number of steps closer to finally completing the Bloody Reaver.  The hull is now entirely finished; I've just the rigging left.  Hopefully those will be done pretty quickly; given I undercoated the ship in January of last year, I'm keen to have the damn thing finished.

Over in the far future, meanwhile, I'm rapidly using up my last remaining pot of Blood Red.  Which is quite a problem when I have a Tervigon to paint, which is only this far through:

The situation isn't really being helped by this Blood Angels Strike Cruiser, either.

Back in fantasy land, I've made very little progress on my House Piper Knight for my Bretonnian/Riverlands army.  But, as the Master once said (Buffy, not Who), "Sometimes a little is enough".

Lastly, a quick check-in on my Talisman progress, which right now amounts to undercoating a dragon and painting her belly, though it's a little tough to see that here.  The contrast will be more obvious once I paint the scales green.

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