Friday, 19 July 2013

Stronger Cases

A few days ago BigHead pointed out in comments that I shouldn't be so quick to snigger about the Texas legislature banning tampons in the galleries, but not guns. Basically, he says, it's not unreasonable to ban items based on their likelihood of being used for disruption, as oppose to the damage they could do should they be employed.

Which... OK, yeah.  It was a throwaway comment of mine, and it doesn't get into the really ugly visuals of a bunch of white men telling women they can't have their sanitary products nearby unless those men decide women are behaving responsibly enough.  But on the gun crack; fair cop.

(The only fair cop you'll hear about in a story involving Texas, I'll bet.  ZOOM!)

Anyway, it's not like it's hard to find ludicrous stories from America about gun use.  Let's all stare in horror at this story, for example:
Republicans in the US House Appropriations Committee yesterday voted down an amendment that would have permitted the Justice Department to block the sale of guns and explosives to suspected terrorists on the terror watch list.
It is better to let one hundred terrorists walk free with automatic weapons than it is to leave one innocent man unable to accidentally shoot his toddler at a family BBQ.

There are days that I think those Founding Fathers not pure enough to get into heaven must spend their eternal torment being reincarnated, over and over again, as congressional staffers.  A crueler fate is not easy to imagine.

(via Rising Hegemon, who also brought me this horrible gem.)

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